Mr. Maleficent

For those of you that may not know who he is, but that guy who was removed from xtube, and had been filming himself JACKING OFF in public areas (A PUBLIC MALL, A DRESSING ROOM, and PUBLIC RESTROOMS) has been outted, and probably soon to be arrested.

The first time I saw his video, I can’t deny it was hot. But he was in a public restroom. Children could have walked in at any second, and he’s sitting there jacking off butt ass naked in front of a urinal. I would have reported it, but I lost faith in xtube after the last person I tried to report went unacknowleged. There was a member named blackperv2012 that was jacking himself off. The title of the video was “Thinking about my homeboi’s son.” In the video, while he is moaning he says something like, “Suck this dick little boy.” SO yeah, I tried to report it, but one of those motherfucking moderators said that it’s cleared because there’s no little boy featured in the video, and I don’t know for sure that he’s talking about a little boy…. WHAT THE FUCK YOU TALKIN’ BOUT I DON’T KNOW? His profile said he liked to bust nutts on “little niggas lips,” the dude wasn’t but 24 years old. Who in the hell would actually believe that his homeboy’s son was actually over 18 years old, and then IN THE VIDEO he says “Suck this dick LITTLE BOY.”

Whatever, I was pissed off before when they wouldn’t remove him, but he’s gone now. Idk if it was because he deleted the profile or because xtube deleted it, but it was deleted and that’s all that matters. And now we’ve got this ksuhurdler guy, snatched too. Sometimes it is very distressing for me (and others) to try to go against all of the stereotypes about gay men, only to have perverts like these praised by a good portion of the gay community. Someone did make a gif out of ksuhurdler’s scene where he jacked in front of a mall entrance and two people actually stepped in and saw his pants down around his thighs. This gif appeared in my dashboard and I know who reblogged it (and I love you, so you know I’m not coming at you :-) But it is distressing to see such a negative connotation perpetuated by the gay community (not just black gay community, but gay community in general).

Aww well, I said what I had to, I’m done with it.

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