Mr. Maleficent
LoL @ the list of cancelled tv shows….

NBC and ABC (the two networks I said were terrible to put a sitcom on) slaughtered nearly their entire line up. Smash (never watched it), How to Live with your parents for the rest of your life (I watched once, not funny), The New Normal (I tried to like it, I really did…), Red Widow (never watched, but storyline was implausible), Body of Proof (never watched it), Happy Endings (I tried to watch this a few times and it just wasn’t me), Go On (I tried), Up All Night (I never watched, but as soon as Christina Applegate said fuck it, the show was pretty much over), Guys With Kids (Never watched it), 1600 Penn (fucking terrible), Whitney (Horrible, and apparently she’s the brains behind 2 girls which is a show I wish CBS would kill), Deception (a little bit suprising, I didn’t love this show and I knew that the storyline wasn’t substantial enough for there to be more than one season of the show). I guess that’s really more NBC shows than ABC… And that is damn near everything except Law & Order: SVU and The Voice 30 Rock, The Office have officially wrapped and apparently there are notes that Community has unofficially been canceled. What in the hell are they going to be airing this Fall?

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