Mr. Maleficent
Oh, I almost forgot to post this earlier… wtf is Kandi doing hanging out with those bum bitches?
It starts in less than 10 mins

Oh, I almost forgot to post this earlier… wtf is Kandi doing hanging out with those bum bitches?

It starts in less than 10 mins

Ok… I dream of Nene is getting there…

Now, no, I’ve never been a fan of Marlo or Diana, but I will say, I’m riding with Diana on this specific altercation. Do I think Marlo is riding Nene’s coattails? Yeah… I think that’s kind off obvious, but I also think that’s the person Marlo is. She attaches herself to people that are doing big things i.e. her accepting allowances from rich white men (these are HER words from s4e07 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She told Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree that she accepts allowances from her rich boyfriends). 

That being said, I also think Diana is too protective of Nene. But the reason for that, is that DIana worked as Nene’s assistant. As an assistant, this is something you often do… and sometimes don’t know when you need to go ahead and dial it back. 

So let’s just break it down. 

  1. Nene was wrong for bringing up what Alexis said. You can tell when Alexis said that, it was just meant to bet between the two of them. So for Nene to put her out on front street like that was wrong. 
  2. Marlo trying to instigate from the sidelines while Alexis and Diana were talking…I can’t stand somebody like that; somebody who waits for someone to go in on you so they can start going in on you. Diana should’ve gotten up and punched that ho in her face. If we’ve got an issue, don’t wait for someone else to get started with me for you to come in. I’ll deal with you later. 
  3. Marlo using this tired ass “you open your legs to married men” read. Girl… you don’t even know the men you sleep with long enough to find out if they’re married or not. Shut up. And just because it hasn’t been documented that 1 of your many rich men friends are married doesn’t make the shit you do any less scummy.
  4. Diana is like she-hulk… I know I’ve referred to her as such. When she told Alexis to watch that hand, I feel that she meant it. And I found it real funny how when Marlo was inbetween Alexis and Diana, and tried to go back and forth with Diana again, she got her ass up and walked right back around to her side of the table. 
  5. Where the hell was Jennifer? What I’d like to have explained is how Jennifer and Laura coexist considering Jennifer was part of the group that made Laura’s sister’s life hell on the original season of Basketball Wives. Honestly, that’s what I want to see. I could care less about Diana and “My hole” Marlo.

I said this before too… what the hell do you need with 9 bridesmaids? Are they going to carry your big ass down the strip? 

^The dress Nene is wearing on Wendy Williams lol

^The dress Nene is wearing on Wendy Williams lol

The nail in the coffin… (Marlo’s latest bravo blog has gone up)

Marlo Hampton

On Accepting Gifts

Marlo thinks it’s hypocritical for the ladies to call her a ho.

April 25, 2012

If you call a woman who receives gifts from men an escort and a ho, what then do you call the men who only date a woman because of the gifts she buys them? Do you call your boyfriend a ho, since he no longer has a job and cannot afford the trips you take him on and the house you live in? Since you do not mind paying for him, judging me seems hypocritical.

And more importantly, we hear about your money, your status, your accomplishments. But we wonder, why does a woman who is so accomplished, who has such status, never have a man on her level? Those of us who live in Atlanta do have the answer to that. We know your reputation outside of the music that you have made. And what we know is that you are not in a position to call anyone a ho.

Our story is already written. Whatever we receive was for us. And all of us receive different gifts. Continue to live your life without concern for other people’s gifts. I only wish to congratulate you on yours.


All I have to say in response to this: A woman that can keep men > A kept woman. That’s all.

Old White Men Preferred, All callers must be rich (serious replies only)

Teresa Judas checks all of the Talls lol

Just being silly… Lord knows, I’m just too crunk for this reunion

You can’t go by everything you hear these days, Lawrence. Just go by what you feel from the heart
Marlo Hampton
And LoL @

"Marlo doesn’t need to be on RHOA. She can film her own reality show. Shit, she already has 4 cameras in her house."

My Hair is Layed like Marlo Hampton/Felony hair!

Dineva rushes to call Nessa and discuss Marlo Hampton and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (I will probably be giffing some of these moments tomorrow lol He went nuts on her!)

My friend just told me that the new rhoa previews are up on I’m cracking up at this lol. For #teamtalls to have all the height, why is #teamsmalls providing all the shade? lol.

"Marlo should just be lucky she has a place to rest her head for the night because she wasn’t even invited."

"I doubt Emily Post has a chapter in her book on aggravated assault."

"Clearly, no other carts are going to fit on the elevator. Let’s use some common sense."

Part 2

Part 3

I guess Nene was to rich to show up?

I guess Nene was to rich to show up?

So Phaedra, you have a history of reading down Cynthia and Nene. Now that Marlo is in the picture, will you be a bit more hesitant about what you say toward her?

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And um… after what Marlo said, I would have dropped her. The nerve of you to call somebody else ugly or manly… BITCH PLEASE. You and that tranny voice needs to sit down.